Marc Lemezma

Performing Magic in London,Essex, Surrey Kent in the UK Magician Marc Lemezma has made a speciality of performing Magic at weddings, parties and corporate events. Working at functions and trade shows in Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and all over the country at all kinds of venues Marc has a vast experience as an entertainer, presenter, public speaker and is an internationally published author. .

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Amazing Magic

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Mind Magic

A Psychological Entertainer or Mind Magician apparently crosses that boundary between “magic” and pseudo science, implying that he has a degree of control over your thoughts and actions and is able to read your character and predict your actions and choices.

Mind Magic

Once again a good Psychological Magician is not there to catch you out, embarrass or cause you any psychological harm. He is there to entertain just like any other magician; although he may “scare” you a little along the way with how much he seems to know what is going on in your mind!

At the extreme edge of Mind Magic or Mentalism is Bizarre Magick (no that’s not a spelling mistake!) This uses a lot of the principles of Mind Magic but dresses them up with stories and tales or the supernatural and all matters arcane.

A Bizarre Magick show works best for small intimate groups where the Magician can control the whole environment adding music, lighting and suggestive aromas to enhance the experience.

But beware! Mind Magic has become something of a “bandwagon” for magicians to jump on over recent years. It is not something everyone can perform well as it requires a degree of maturity and presence to pull off whilst maintaining the correct balance of entertainment and audience control.

Make sure your chosen entertainer is not only professional but can prove a degree of experience and authority on the subject of Mind Magic!

So if you want your event to be a little different, perhaps more contemporary then ESP may be what you need – that means an Extra Special Performer!